Eurica Media Lab is…

Eurica Media Lab is a non-profit formed in the United States and Europe to allow young adults to share their aspirations and hopes with the world by learning to produce media—film, television, and online.

  • Our board members are highly acclaimed and award-winning professionals in the fields of film, television, Internet, social media and psychology.
  • Our original program participants have gone on to work in the film industry, received scholarships for higher education and found other ways to contribute to their communities. But like the rest of us they have become alarmed by the prejudices and, worse, terrorism that surround us all, much of it perpetrated by disaffected youth.
  • Eurica’s focus has always been to address the problems of at-risk young people coping with identity issues, which make them susceptible to online recruitment by extremists and terrorist groups, but now more than ever we see its importance.