Through film and social media Eurica strives:

  • To show people around the world the diverse elements that comprise a cultural perspective,
  • To build multicultural media teams that will withstand cultural misunderstan­dings and differences,
  • To allow young adults to communicate with others online who share their hopes for the future,
  • To encourage young adults worldwide to share the good works they are doing in their own communities or had done when they were that age
  • To deter young adults from being attracted to propaganda

Eurica runs cultural communication and social cohesion workshops offline and online and onsite film production workshops for 16 to 26 year olds in the United States and Europe.  Works created by the participants are featured and are a powerful means of communicating ideas, stories, and learning about different cultures and societies to a global audience.

Living in a fast and easily connected global community, it is important to understand how our cultural lenses affect the way we communicate and interpret the world. Even those who have never picked up a camera before or spoken in front of one may have a worthwhile story to tell or cultural perspective to share.

Our young, trained production crews are able to capture and edit these profiles and stories and create a following for them online. Others who have never attended a Eurica workshop will be invited and encouraged to take some video on their own simply using a smart phone and post it on our website to start their own dialogue.

Student Interviews


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