Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) Work:

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· Symposia with US senatorial staffs and State Department members

· Programming that builds a global network of counter terrorists



Eurica Media Lab has offered workshops since its inception in 2009 and continues to mentor its students on a regular basis. We’ve worked with students from England, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands and Canada. These are some of the highlights.

In France

Workshops set in the French countryside afford motivated 18-26 year olds the opportunity to learn and work together.

Curriculum – Theoretical courses were held in the morning, and practical exercises and hands-on experience in the afternoon, Monday through Friday. These covered:

  • Week One – General initiation for all participants to essential aspects of filmmaking and acquaintance with equipment
  • Weeks Two-Four –
    • Creation of film teams
    • Specialized workshops for members of each group dedicated to writing, image, sound, set design or editing
    • Team workshops for overall film conception
    • Finalization of scenario and film project by each team
    • Set-up of internet site

Our first cross-cultural training workshop in media in Collobrieres, France paired ten professionals from France and the United States with twenty-two young adults, 18-26, from both countries. It was funded by the United States Department of State under an Innovation Grant.

The town of Collobrieres made a significant donation of space, logistical support, and the equipment park in the Var contributed equipment as did many of the workshop’s teachers.

Several of the little films created were shared with a wider audience at the Cannes Film Festival. The Ambassador to France from the United States supported the effort and Eurica was interviewed for French television.

The students created cultural portraits of each other that they then filmed. They lived and worked together capturing their experiences documentary style. They all wrote scripts, then four were chosen to film. Everyone participated in the production of those scripts, which became three to five minute dramatic vignettes. It was an intense program that awakened everyone’s creativity, including that of its teachers.


Kaufman Astoria Film Studios in New York City has been the home for Eurica Media Lab film productions and workshops in Directing, Production Design, and Cinematography.

Directing Workshop, United States – Under the auspices of the French government and FACE (French American Cultural Exchange), Eurica Media Lab ran a workshop focused on directing actors.

Lenore De Koven, who has taught at Columbia University, helped to start New York Women in Film and Television and worked in the theater on many productions, led the workshop. Her book, Changing Direction, with a foreword by Ang Lee, her former student, is the basis of all the workshops she runs. She has helped many young directors to improve their craft and has opened the eyes of those new to directing. Her book has been translated into multiple languages and is used around the world.

The workshop was taught in English and required our French students to stretch their language skills, so that by the end of the program they could give direction in English. Every student improved English comprehension and conversation.

During their time in the United States, the students also met others at New York University and were invited to attend a series of films that students their age had created. They toured sound studios, went to a Jazz concert, and took part in the New York social life.

Production Design Workshop, United States – Not everyone who comes to Eurica Media Lab is interested in being a director, actor, or screenwriter. Some are talented artists who can benefit from working with top production design luminaries, such as, our workshop leaders,Patrizia von Brandenstein and Stuart Wurtzel, who for no fee, gave generously of their time for two weeks. They taught this cross-cultural group more than they would have learned in an academic setting in a semester. They paired would-be production designers with those interested in directing to create an authentic environment in which a production designer works.

NY Production Design Workshop

Cinematography Workshop United States – teaching skills through on location training. Eurica treats all applicants to the program as if they are already established professionals and they learn by doing. All our workshops include a cross-cultural mix of students. The Cinematography Workshop was funded by FACE (French American Cultural Exchange) and supported by Kaufman Astoria Studios, private donors and the French government.

Production Workshop, United States—a cross-cultural learning experience funded by the United States Department of State, Kaufman Astoria Film Studios, Panavision, and private donors for 18-26 year olds who do not have the financial wherewithal to receive academic and professional training without support. This workshop also invited adult mentors to participate from countries in North Africa.


The Final Production…

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